Our Boards 

Our board accompaniments may change based on seasonal availability & our inspiration. We strive to continually bring you fresh local products, and can promise you will always have the same variety of offerings on your board as we have listed. If you have any allergies, dietary restrictions, or absolutely hate certain types of cheeses/meats, please let us know prior to us building your custom board.

Pricing Listed: Small (1-2) / Medium (4-5) / Large (8-10) / Party Box (15-20)

3 cheeses & 2 meats /  4 cheeses & 3 meats /  5 cheeses & 3 meats / 5 cheeses & 4 meats

**Gluten Free, Pork Free, and Nut Free options upon request

All boards will come on disposable palm leaf platters (except party box orders) unless upgraded to a custom wooden board. Wooden Boards are $25 per board.

(Wooden boards available for small & medium sizes only)


Featured Board

Fall Board

We love all things Fall, and this board shows it! Available all season, this spread is filled with local gourmet ingredients like Rosemary Cheese, Maple Pecan Brie, Paprika Rubbed Cheese, Capacolla, Peppered Salami, Figs and Fresh Fruits, Soffrito Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Cranberries, A Candied Apple, Edible Pumpkin, and more!

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


Halloween Board

Its Spooky Season & this gloomy style board is perfect for all your Halloween Festivities this month!

Filled with Beehive Hatch Chile Cheese, Creamy Toscano with Syrah, Dutch Spicy Kaas, Peppered Salami and Chorizo, Fresh Fruits, Candy Corn, Dark Choc Peanut Butter Cups, Dried Cherries, Hot Honey & Jam, Pickled Okra, and more!

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


The Simplicities

local cheeses & meats, jam, honey, seasonal fresh & dried fruits, macarons, nutty brittle, olives, cornichons, crackers

$40 / $70 / $130 / $170


Mimosa Flight

local cheeses & meats, jam, honey, seasonal fresh & dried fruits, macarons, smoked salmon, nutty brittle, olives, crackers

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


Sweet Treats

truffles, macarons, chocolate covered strawberries, jams, dessert spreads, mini sweet treats, seasonal fruits, honey, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel popcorn

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


White Wine Lovers

local cheeses & meats, jam, honey, seasonal fresh & dried fruits, macarons, nutty brittle, pickled veggies, olives, cornichons, crackers

$40 / $70 / $130 / $170


Rose All Day

local cheeses & meats, smoked salmon, seasonal fresh & dried fruits, macarons, jam, honey, olives, nutty brittle, crackers

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


For the Man Cave

local cheeses & meats, seasonal fruits & veggies, pistachio brittle, pickles, olives, crunchy snack items, jam, olives, cornichons, crackers

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


Red Wine Lovers

local cheese & meats, jam, honey, seasonal fresh & dried fruits, macaroons, peppadews, crackers, pistachio brittle, olives, cornichons

$40 / $70 / $130 / $170


The Date Night

local cheeses & meats, jam, honey, seasonal fruits, macaroons, florals, chocolate covered strawberries, truffles, nutty brittle, olives, cornichons, crackers

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


For Brunchin

local cheeses & breakfast meats, smoked salmon, mini pastries, seasonal fresh & dried fruits, jam, honey, yogurt, granola, macaroons, nutty brittle

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


Bloody Mary Bar

local cheeses & meats, seasonal veggies, pickled jalapenos, crackers, olives, peppadews, okra chips, citrus

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


For the Brews

local cheeses & meats, fresh fruits, pretzels, seasonal veggies, pickled jalapenos and carrots, peppadews, jam, honey, crackers, olives, cornichons, okra chips, pistachio brittle

$45 / $80 / $150 / $190


Vegan Board

vegan feta, creamy chao, tofurkey, grain sausage, vegan oatmeal bites, fresh fruits, pickled veggies, dairy free cream cheese stuffed peppers, sundried tomato hummus, nuts, jam

$55 / $95 / $170 / $210

Have an idea for a custom board?

Don't see what you are looking for in our list of themed artisan boards?

 We are here to bring your snacking fantasies to life!

Want a doggy board? We can do that.

Want a 90's candy board? We got you.

Need a gender reveal board? We love surprises!

Want individual boxes for corporate gifting? We love presents.  

Want a color scheme to match your celebration? We love a good theme! Want a full scale grazing table or charcuterie cones for social distancing         for your wedding party? We will make that dream come true.

Contact us for any custom inquiries, grazing tables, or large catering orders!

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