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Sunday Funday at Cougar Run Winery

I rarely request a day off from work on the weekends, and I rarely get the girls together for a girls day out. However when I plan both, we make it a whole thing!

Today we had a long overdue girls day planned. Since it was Sunday, of course we had to start out with a delicious brunch. We ventured out to Concord, North Carolina and enjoyed a delicious spread at Maple Street Biscuit Company. I was skeptical at first when I realized they did not offer mimosas, which is usually a requirement for my brunch outings. However, we were headed to a winery afterwards, so I let that go. I'm glad I gave them a try anyway, because the food was homey and delicious. We had a hard time deciding on what we wanted to eat, so we decided to get a few items and share. We tried the chicken and waffles with honey butter, fresh biscuit with jam, cinnamon iced biscuit, and a layered hash brown casserole with sausage gravy and a fried egg. We also added some iced lattes that were phenomenal. Usually I am very picky when it comes to my fried chicken, and usually not a fan of chicken breast, but their crispy fried chicken was wonderfully seasoned, juicy, and went amazingly with their fluffy vanilla waffles.

Now that the pregame meal was done, we headed off to our winery destination of the day -- Cougar Run Winery! It was located in a quaint downtown area of town, and pulling up I realized that it was more of a wine bar than vineyard style winery. It had a beautiful outdoor courtyard area with plants and patio furniture out front for extra seating, and since the weather was a little chillier than we thought, we decided to keep it indoors today.

{At the moment, my husband is incessantly interrupting me asking what I am writing about. Mainly to find out if I'm writing about him. I am trying to multi task: spend time with him while pretending to watch the All Star Game, but mainly focused on this blog entry. He wants me to inform everyone that Stephen Curry won the dunk contest. Our first Valentine's day actually ended with watching the All Star Game, which I ended up passing out on, after a long romantic day of his date plans. I think he overdid the day's activities so that I wouldn't hold it against him that he made me watch basketball once we got back in. He also finds it HILARIOUS that I went to a winery called "Cougar" Run.. considering I'm a few years older than him. He thought, however, we should have had young men serving us!}

But back to today's activities! So Cougar Run Winery definitely had a more old school classic vibe. It was very quite, something that I usually am not use to in the wine scene, we were the only ones there for the first hour or so. I did not mind, because we got to get more information and attention from our wine bartender. I was pleased to see that they had a very extensive wine and cider selection, larger than most I have been to in NC. They offered around ten selections each for their whites, reds, sweets, ciders, and dessert wines. They're tastings also were very affordable -- $12 for a flight of 5 wine selections of your choice.

I started out with a mix of reds and a few sweets. The bartender did warn me that their sweet wines tasted more like wine coolers than wine, but I decided to try a few anyway, because I used to only drink sweet wines. She was correct, they tasted like juice, and I was not a huge fan. My palette no longer seems to enjoy the sweeter wines, I guess I have matured past that. The "Fireflies" Pear Pinot Grigio was the only one out of the ones I tried, that I would enjoy a glass of. It had a subtle sweetness, but a lot of freshness from the pear. I also enjoyed their "Eclipse" Argentinian Pinot Noir with some spice notes, "Memories" Nebbiolo, and "Epiphany" Meritage blend of the best of the best Bordeaux wines.

We continued on with trying some of their ciders. They offered a flight of 6 ciders (which let us taste all of the ones they currently offered) for $13.50. We were surprised by how much cider we got for the flight. I did forget that I have recently found most ciders to be too sweet for me to drink a lot of as well. Out of the six, my favorites were the "We're a Pear" pure pear cider, "Boggs" cranberry cider, and the "Bee's Knees" apricot cider.

At that point we were still waiting for our other friend, who was taking her precious time to join us of course. So we decided to get a snack and wait before we tried anymore. We saw the light food menu, and asked how it worked picking out the cheeses and meats. The bartender told us that everything was located in their cooler next to the bar, and we were able to go select our own pre-packaged options, a few plates, knives, and help ourselves. We proceeded with getting some charcuterie, an aged Parmesan, and crackers and made our own cute little snack plates.

{"Steph Curry hit 4 for 6 from 3 point range."}

When our friend finally got there, we decided to do one more wine tasting flight before my sister needed to get to work. I had to make sure I responsibly got her back to her car and headed off to work on time! On the last flight, I focused on trying a few more reds, where I found my favorite of the day, the "MichaelRose" Cabernet which was very smooth with dark fruit notes and light hints of oak. I of course ended up taking a bottle of that home with me.

{"Let them know March Madness starts March 18th."}

Overall we enjoyed our visit. It was a bit more low key than we were use to on our wine days, but the change of pace was nice. The winery also had some cute merchandise for sale and a cooler of WINE ICECREAM! I definitely am mad at myself for not getting a couple cartons before I left to try, but I will be back for another visit and be sure to grab them.

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